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10 B2B Sales and Marketing Blog Posts to Enhance 2019 Campaigns

From programmatic, to intent data, to sales enablement tips, we review 10 insightful blogs that you may have missed and to look out for in 2019.

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Lucy Jones

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Dec 5 2018 - 3min Read Date published: Date modified: 2021-03-31

From intent-data and programmatic ads to sales enablement tips, we review 10 insightful blogs that you may have missed. 

As most Inbound and Account-Based Marketing professionals know, B2B marketing and sales is fast-paced and ever-evolving. To see best success, strategies must be customer-centric and consider the right channels, campaign tactics and insight. 

From implementing ABM, to defining your sales enablement programme, or incorporating greater insight into your activities, here are 10 posts from 2018 that can help to transform your 2019 planning and campaigns.

10 B2B Sales and Marketing Blog Posts to Enhance Your 2019 Campaigns

1. What is Intent Data, and How Can You Include it in Your Campaigns?

In short, B2B intent data is information collected about an account’s digital activity, that provides some insight into their purchase intent and online research behaviour. With the potential to enhance your targeting (especially for ABM campaigns, and in programmatic activity), we outline what intent data is, plus how and why to include it within inbound and account-based marketing strategies for strategic advantage.

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2. How To Generate Early Stage B2B Sales Conversations

How can you drive more value from your website traffic, and uncover opportunities to generate additional early-stage sales conversations? Our Head of Inbound Sales, Fes, provides insight, as well as a short video walkthrough and tips on how to generate more early-stage sales conversations using HubSpot and Sales Navigator.

Read: How To Generate Early Stage B2B Sales Conversations

3. What Is Programmatic Advertising?

Should you consider programmatic in B2B? Adoption of programmatic in B2B is advancing and becoming an innovative opportunity; when considered in combination with the right toolstack, data insight and wider campaign planning, programmatic ad platforms offer the ability to precisely target very niche audiences. In this post we explore what programmatic is, how it works and key B2B benefits and considerations.

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4. B2B Marketing Thought Leadership: James Smith on Marketing in Life Sciences

How are marketing and sales evolving across different industries? In this post we speak to James Smith, Director of Strategic Account Marketing at Envigo. From exploring how the industry has changed, to outlining tactics for the next 12 months, we find out how Envigo are responding, and where marketing in Life Sciences specifically may be heading next. 

Read: B2B Marketing Thought Leadership: James Smith On Marketing In Life Sciences

5. Why Sales Enablement Is Key To An Account-Based Marketing Strategy

To see ABM success, it’s important to engage accounts, and particularly decision makers within those accounts at the right time, with the right content and propositions. Sales enablement is core to achieving this precise engagement; marketing and sales must be truly aligned; for marketing to adopt the right strategies, and for sales to have the data they need to engage effectively. Sales Enablement is therefore an important part of ABM.

Read: Why Sales Enablement Is Key To An Account-Based Marketing Strategy

6. Sales Thought Leadership: Ben Cotton On Defining Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement, and how is it being defined today? In this video our Head of Inbound Sales, Fes Askari, and Head of Content Lucy Jones speak to Ben Cotton, Principal Marketing Manager, Sales Enablement at HubSpot to uncover definitions, challenges - and how sales enablement is likely to evolve in future.

Read: Sales Thought Leadership: Ben Cotton On Defining Sales Enablement

7. Does My B2B Marketing Campaign Need an Insight Report?

Uncovering audience and buyer insights, detailed industry and vertical understanding, industry reports are used to achieve a greater understanding of your specific market, audience or accounts ahead of campaign development - to refine value propositions, messaging, targeting, and more. Because of this, insight reports are valuable assets; here, we explore if your B2B programme needs one.

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8. Driving Value With Video Across the Buyer’s Journey

How can you drive value at every stage of the buyer's journey, with video content? In this short video, our Head of Sales, Fes Askari details how marketing and sales teams can use a variety of video formats at different stages to drive value and help both prospects and customers. 

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9. Why Growth Driven Design And Why Now?

Traditional web design processes can be slow, costly and lack flexibility to adapt to changing business remits. Growth Driven Design rethinks that model: it’s data-driven, insight-led web design (and redesign) that allows fast launch and continuous data-backed improvement for maximum results.

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10. GDPR And Digital Marketing: What Do You Need To Know?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in May 2018 - but understanding the implications of GDPR remains important for marketers as they continue to plan campaign activities. In this post we outline how GDPR impacts B2B digital marketing and sales, as well as tips to ensure compliance. 

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B2B Sales and Marketing in 2019

Whatever your campaign approach, the posts above should provide useful insight into key campaign considerations and tactics to review for 2019.