Real-Case Tips For Selling With Video

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Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron

Oct 9 2018 - 4min Read

What results could you see by including video content in your sales process? From increasing response rates and engagement, to delivering added social selling value, Vidyard outline how they, and other industry sales leaders are achieving results with video.

How Real Sales Professionals Are Selling With Video

Want to learn what the best in the biz are doing to sell using video? Curious what results actual sales teams have seen after using video during the sales cycle? This video from Vidyard features four industry sales leaders, sharing some of their best stories and tactics on how to maximise selling capabilities with video.

Featuring Scott Ingram from Sales Success Stories, Ryan O’Hara from LeadIQ, Evan Ebert from Fannit, and Ellen Stafford from Vidyard, these four leaders cover topics ranging from how to increase response rates, to results they’ve seen with video, to how to become more comfortable behind the camera.

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How Has Video Helped You Achieve Increased Response Rates and Engagement?

Ryan O’Hara — LeadIQ

I think one thing that video enables you to do that you can’t with other mediums is entertain a prospect, and that’s something that is a completely underrated thing that people are doing with video prospecting so far. We’re all just scratching the surface right now on how to do and go about getting an account to respond to you over video. What you’re going to see though, is that the best people that are going to be your champion and be great at video prospecting, are the ones that can stand out doing something cool.

Ellen Stafford — Vidyard

To reinforce Ryan’s point there Ryan, it’s great if you can entertain and be human. I remember back when I was a sales development rep (SDR), I used to be able to send a one to many emails, and I used to get great response rates. Maybe they didn’t realise that I was sending the same email to many, that I was using mail merge, but you can’t do any of that anymore. We’re in a digital age, prospects know about these things, they educate themselves on all of our different products, all of our tactics and things like that, that sales teams are using for prospecting. So at the end of the day, humans buy from humans, and when it comes to calls, you only have your tone and your words. Emails, you just have your words. With video, you can use your body language, and you can build that familiarity, build that trust, they can see that you’re a human reaching out to another human.

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What are you doing in these videos? What are the different ways that you’re using them?

Ellen Stafford — Vidyard

On my team, we’re doing cold prospecting. We’re doing a mix of both sending selfie-style video, as well as screen capture videos. Our message is all about the value we can offer to those prospects, and we always want to be personalised. If somebody has something specific on their LinkedIn, they just wrote an article about an interesting topic that’s top of mind for us as well. We’ll make sure they know that we’re talking to them as a human not just as a title or whatever it may be.

Let’s talk about the results and what’s working

Evan Ebert — Fannit

I resent any opinion out there that video is a trend. I wrote a blog for HubSpot about this, about video being built on a biological mechanism that’s not going to go away anytime soon. Because it’s just in your DNA. I was able to sit in on Vidyard's VP of Marketing, Tyler Lessard’s session at INBOUND, and he was talking all about the psychology of video, he’s obviously tuned into it. The fact is, it’s going to give you the richest way to connect with people. So, like the handwritten note, video is not going to go out of style.

Ellen Stafford — Vidyard

Around specific tactics, it’s still important to keep in mind your messaging and the length of your video. You want to make sure you’re always honing in on it, what’s going to work for your prospects. For us, we’ve seen incredible response rate increase from using video. Before GoVideo was a platform or product for us, we were making them in QuickTime, we were finding ways to do it, and that’s really where the need came from.

Ryan O’Hara — LeadIQ

The more powerful thing is being able to follow-up about it afterward, and that was, an excellent example of what made me ultimately choose to become a Vidyard customer. The thing that we noticed that was big was, I sent my email, and I didn’t hear back from a lot of prospects, but I saw that I had six people of the 20 I emailed, watch my video right when I sent it. I thought well that’s great, what do I do with that? I decided to call some of them and email them right after. All six of them turned into meetings. So the important part of the video isn’t just making a video and hoping for a response, sometimes you have to do a little extra work to get that person that watched your video to come back to you and reply.

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How Video Is Disrupting Sales

Clearly video can add wide-reaching value and enhancement into the sales process. If you’d like to learn more, on October 10th, Strategic IC will be running a breakfast event with CEO of Vidyard, Michael Litt; outlining the Top Trends Disrupting Sales - from modern digital selling to how marketing and sales teams can drive value through video content. You can learn more here.

Parts of this article were originally published on the Vidyard blog.