How LinkedIn’s Interest Targeting Feature Can Enhance ABM


Natasha Hemmings

Natasha Hemmings

Feb 1 2019 - 2min Read

Designed to help advertisers “reach the right audiences with relevant ads that match their professional interests”, LinkedIn has released Interest Targeting in Campaign Manager.

Why LinkedIn Interest Targeting?

For those considering or adopting highly targeted, account-focussed strategies, this is good news; LinkedIn Interest Targeting is specifically designed to cut through the ‘noise’ of the LinkedIn timeline to deliver timely, relevant and engaging content, based on individual LinkedIn user’s specific professional interests.

“Within campaign manager, Interest Targeting lets you reach members with relevant ads that match their professional interests — based on the content they share and engage with on LinkedIn. With these added options, you can more easily achieve your campaign objectives and grow your business.”

With access to 200+ professional interest categories, Interest Targeting ultimately enables more targeted and precisely tailored LinkedIn campaigns.

At a glance, with interest targeting, it’s possible to:

  • Serve relevant ads and content that matches a LinkedIn user’s professional interests. If your target account has a specific interest in a certain topic, such as cloud computing, Interest Targeting can be used within a Sponsored Content campaign to target them specifically with relevant content. 

  • As a result, you can raise awareness and brand perception of your organisation alongside those areas of interest, and deepen relationships within your target accounts.

LinkedIn’s account targeting features already offer substantial value for ABM campaigns. By combining account targeting with interest targeting, it’s possible to reach an audience of buyers who have expressed or are likely to express an interest in content relevant to your business - further helping your organisation to “Own the conversations on the professional topics that matter to your audience”.

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Benefits of LinkedIn Interest Targeting For Account-Focussed Campaigns

This feature is good news to enhance and support highly-targeted, personalised strategies such as ABM.

We’re already seeing increasingly intelligent personalisation and data-informed consideration of individual’s buying context and interests within account-focussed activities.

For example, complementing campaigns with buying-intent data allows organisations to better identify and engage the precise accounts who are in-market for their solution, based on their buying intent and digital behaviours. By targeting and engaging only the active buyers (typically just 2-5% of an audience), marketing informed by intent data offers more intelligent accuracy, relevant engagement - and greater return.

In turn, this new feature from LinkedIn can complement a comprehensive account-based approach, and ensure that the right content and messaging intelligently reaches and engages the right individuals.

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Activating Intent-Driven ABM Campaigns

As a next step to enhance ABM campaigns, we’ll be exploring how to activate intent-driven marketing campaigns in our London breakfast event on the 6th February: ‘How to Activate Intent-Driven Campaigns’.

Join Jon Clarke, CEO of Behaviour Marketing Technology company, Cyance and Alex Embling, CEO of Strategic IC for an informal session, discussing how businesses can leverage and activate B2B intent data, and create buyer behaviour focussed strategies across sales and marketing. Spaces are limited, so reserve your place now.

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