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GlobalSign’s ABM growth journey

Meet Ofer Yatziv-Green, the Marketing Manager at GlobalSign. Here we share the story of the GlobalSign’s ABM growth journey .


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Jul 3 2024 - 8min Read Date published: Date modified: 2024-07-09


GlobalSign’s ABM growth journey 

Who doesn’t love a hero origin story?

Every hero has an origin story, and GlobalSign’s foray into Account-based Marketing (ABM) is no exception. 

Embarking on uncharted territory, the fledgling Marketing team was fuelled by bold visions and untested in the the world of ABM.

Through perseverance and dedication, they began to transform their ABM aspirations into tangible outcomes.

Let’s rewind to where it all began...

At a glance:

  • Challenge: Forge a synergy with Sales and cultivate a robust pipeline of opportunities. 
  • Solution: Implement a One-to-many ABM strategy, tailored for the Financial Services sector. 
  • Results: Not only did we achieve a seamless Sales alignment, but we also captivated the attention of top-tier Finance accounts.

Meet Ofer - The Driving Force

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Introducing Ofer Yatziv-Green, the Marketing Manager at GlobalSign, whose career spans the vibrant worlds of dance, theater, events, and venues. 

In 2018, he pivoted to the B2B technology marketing sphere, bringing his rich experiences to the cybersecurity world.

At GlobalSign, a company at the vanguard of trusted identity and security solutions, Ofer applies his vast expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of Account-based Marketing. 

Familiar with ABM’s transformative potential, Ofer stood poised to steer GlobalSign through its maiden ABM voyage. 

Recognizing the need for specialized guidance due to resource constraints and a nascent understanding of ABM intricacies, GlobalSign’s leadership sought an external agency to augment Ofer’s team.

Thus, the partnership with strategicabm was forged, setting the stage for a collaborative odyssey to realize GlobalSign’s ABM aspirations.

ABM readiness workshop

A look at GlobalSign

As technology evolves, the ability to trust digital identities becomes increasingly difficult. GlobalSign’s mission is to re-establish trust through verified, easily deployed, and secure digital identities – for everyone and everything.

Established in 1996, the company has become a leading global authority for trusted identity and digital security solutions.

Today, GlobalSign offers a wide range of solutions, from digital signatures, online user authentication, and certificate management, to managed PKI (public key infrastructure) and identity / security-oriented automation. 

As a result of its dedicated support, expertise, and industry-leading technologies, today GlobalSign can be proud of:

  • More than 207 million cloud signatures supplied worldwide
  • 0.5 trillion OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) requests
  • 267 million-plus certificates that rely on GlobalSign tech
  • More than 500 million timestamps are supplied to users globally

The Challenge

GlobalSign’s campaign focus was clear. 

The team had identified the precise accounts, sectors, and verticals. 

They recognized the pivotal role of internal Sales buy-in and were nurturing a burgeoning ABM mindset.

With the understanding that ABM is a marathon, not a sprint, the real test lay in enduring the journey to its successful completion.

“I had a sense of the direction I wanted the project to take in terms of creating an ABM journey. However, where we needed support was in creating that journey.” - Ofer Yatziv-Green, Marketing Manager at GlobalSign

ABM Playbook

Firstly, to support his new, busy yet compact team, Ofer wanted to prioritize alignment. 

To bolster his dynamic yet streamlined team, Ofer placed a premium on alignment. 

Like many organizations, GlobalSign faced the dichotomy of Marketing and Sales teams marching to different drums.

ABM emerged as the harmonizer, and GlobalSign rose to the occasion, redefining the Sales-Marketing dynamic to rally around a unified vision.

Amidst an evolving market landscape, GlobalSign seized the moment, channeling their efforts into elevating brand and product consciousness, with a laser focus on the Financial Services sector.

The Discovery

Data-Driven Strategy Paves the Way for Market Leadership

In collaboration with strategicabm, GlobalSign embarked on a data-driven journey, meticulously analyzing both first and third-party data. 

This deep dive into target accounts and industry trends, enriched by comprehensive competitor analysis, laid the groundwork for an innovative messaging strategy that resonates with the market’s pulse.

Crafting a Compelling ABM Value Proposition

strategicabm, leveraging this intelligence, sculpted a bespoke ABM Value Proposition (VP) that spoke directly to the Financial Services (FS) sector’s challenges and aspirations. 

This VP, intricately aligned with GlobalSign’s offerings, demonstrated how their digital signage solutions (DSS) not only addressed these pain points but also unlocked new growth opportunities.

Launching a Targeted ABM Campaign

With a refined account list and the ABM VP as our compass, we launched a robust One-to-many ABM program. 

This initiative, targeting around 100 select accounts, with the aim to elevate the profile of DSS, positioning GlobalSign as the frontrunner in the industry and igniting meaningful dialogues.

Delivering an Engaging and Personalized Experience

At the heart of our program delivery was engagement. 

Together we crafted a suite of personalized assets, including an eBook and ‘product reveal’ documentation customized to each key persona, all converging on a customized landing page. 

Supported by a strategic LinkedIn paid awareness campaign, these elements were unified under a singular creative concept, ensuring a cohesive and impactful narrative that guided each account through a transformative journey.

The Change

At the heart of the One-to-many ABM initiative lied a commitment to cultivating a stellar reputation and forging lasting relationships. 

Our ambition transcended immediate financial gains; the aim was to inspire, elevate awareness, and foster trust - paving the way for future sales.

In a strategic alliance with strategicabm, GlobalSign has achieved precisely this.

“We attracted big accounts, bigger than we ever had before for this solution. Also, the Sales team sees the value of the program and is genuinely invested.” - Ofer Yatziv-Green, Marketing Manager at GlobalSign

ABM Lunch and Learn

Embracing an Account-based mindset, GlobalSign has synchronized its Sales and Marketing efforts, transforming them into a cohesive force with shared objectives.


  • Amplified brand awareness and visibility.
  • Established as a thought leader and authority in the market.
  • Solidified trust and credibility.

These strides in reputation have driven increased engagement with major Financial Services brands. 

Ofer has observed promising developments in relationships with key Financial Services entities, signalling potential deals on the horizon.


  • Launched a tailored campaign engaging circa 100 Financial Services accounts.
  • Gained significant traction from a leading Finance brand.
  • Sustained engagement through a targeted Social Selling campaign.

While the ABM program is still in its early stages, GlobalSign’s leadership is encouraged by the progress made.

Ofer and his team are eager to leverage this inaugural One-to-many program as a springboard for broader ABM endeavors.


  • Established a robust base for nurturing relationships and propelling future revenue growth.


The Future

GlobalSign’s ABM journey is far from over. 

Future campaigns will build on the solid ABM foundations with plans to expand and target priority accounts.

Growth is the agenda and ABM is GlobalSign’s growth partner. 

Ofer summarizes his ABM experience

“I think what surprised me is how much sense it all makes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to implement. It takes resources, learning, and time – but it makes sense. It is data-based and logical. For us, it just fits.” - Ofer Yatziv-Green, Marketing Manager at GlobalSign

“ABM is a journey and has all kinds of twists and turns”, he continues. “Keep your eye on the target – and be ready to discover the road to it.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! 

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