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10 Top Enterprise Sales Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts are a great way for enterprise sales professionals to discover new sales insights and strategies. Here are 10 top podcasts you should be listening to.

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Apr 21 2017 - 6min Read Date published: Date modified: 2023-06-22


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Podcasts are a great way to uncover the latest, expert-tested sales insight and strategies. We've collated some top podcasts you can start with. 

Are you an Enterprise sales professional looking for some different strategies, or want some tips on how to really boost your results? Listening to podcasts can provide you with new tactics that successful leaders (and particularly for the podcasts below, leaders in the the SaaS and software space), are using.

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Tap into these podcasts to gain real first-hand insight into how to develop and grow your success as an Enterprise sales professional; enhancing your social selling strategies, shortening your sales cycles, developing strong lead relationships with enterprise decision makers and much more.

Enterprise Podcasts To Enhance Your Sales Strategies

1. The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling by Brian Burns

At the time of writing,‘The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling by Brian Burns’ podcast has 311 episodes all covering the need-to-know on B2B sales and selling

Exploring sales topics such as sales management, social selling, solution selling, SaaS sales, selling on LinkedIn and importantly - how sales has changed - this series presents itself as a ‘no fluff, no BS’ podcast, which fans of Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuck (among others) will find value in.

Episodes of particular interest: Take a look at the March 2017 episode:“What is working today in Sales & Selling, with Lee Bartlett” which discusses the differences in social selling in the UK and the US.

2. The ‘In the Arena’ Podcast with Anthony Iannarino

‘In the Arena’ is a great source if you want to learn the most current and powerful sales techniques and mindsets from the top professionals in the business. Anthony Iannarino (a successful and consummate sales professional) interviews the top authors, salesmen, sales managers, and experts in the fields of B2B and B2C sales. In The Arena also comes highly recommended by Lee Bartlett, author of “The No.1 Best Seller” in which he provides a masterclass in professional selling.

Episodes of particular interest: Tell and Sell:“Why Stories Build Trust and Sell Things For More”, with Paul Smith. 

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3. The Enterprise Sales Podcast

The Enterprise Sales Podcast provides sound tactical advice through discussions with well known influencers in the field of selling, like Carl Carrell and Stephen Hays.  

Their mission is simply to: “Aggregate the best sales knowledge in the world by interviewing the smartest salespeople alive. Period.”

Episodes of particular interest: A great example of the Enterprise Sales Podcast in action is the recent episode, “The Law of Attraction.. And the Art of Sales”  presented by Noel Goldman and with Stephen Hays, Founder and CEO of ‘Inside Sales Team’. The episode explores the value of technology and automation in sales, additionally touching on the importance of investing in people - hiring, training and coaching to ensure you maximise on your sales team’s assets.

4. Sales Success Stories by Scott Ingram

In this series, Scott Ingram interviews world class sales performers to discover their favourite strategies and tips. If you are in B2B Sales, Enterprise Sales, SaaS Sales you will find inspiration in these conversations.

Episodes of particular interest: “Bill Pai, Top Director of Strategic Accounts at Cornerstone OnDemand - Listening, Learning and Laughing his way to #1”. In this episode, Bill discusses the three keys to fostering productive relationships with large worldwide organisations.

5. SaaStr

Harry Stebbings, Director of Global Podcasting, runs SaaStr’s amazing podcast, interviewing the influential SaaS founders, CEOs, VCs and VPs. The SaaStr podcast reaches over 50,000 listeners a week and is is a definite go-to for those looking for inspiration in Enterprise SaaS.

Episodes of particular interest: Jonathan Lehr, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Work-Bench’s episode: “How To Sell SaaS To Fortune 500s”. Here’s Jonathan discusses how startups can build scalable and natural relationships with decision makers in large enterprise organisations.

6. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale, presenters of ‘The Advanced Selling’ have been B2B sales trainers for the past twenty years. In this series of podcasts they share their strategies, frameworks, tips and tricks to help sales professionals grow their skills and create their own sales success by building long-term relationships with clients.

Episodes of particular interest:  “All the Small Things” (April 2017). In this episode, Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale address the never-ending importance of paying attention to the fine details in how you speak with prospects and clients.

7. Social Business Podcast

To be effective, sales should always align with and understand marketing. For that reason, the Social Business Podcast is another great podcast to explore, as it details insights from social business leaders representing top brands and agencies. Hosted by Bernie Borges, this podcast discusses social business topics including marketing, selling, customer service, employee advocacy, recruiting and commerce.

Episodes of particular interest:The Role of AI in Account Based Marketing. In this episode, Aman Naimat, Senior Vice President of Technology at Demandbase discusses the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science for marketing and sales platforms and how AI can be incorporated within ABM.

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8. Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom is a podcast series from Drift. Presented by Drift CEO David Cancel, the podcast, each week David shared insight he has learned through his entrepreneurial experience, and regularly speaks with other tech and SaaS influencers. Topics include everything from productivity tips, to advice to help you build a successful business.

Episodes of particular interest: While this is not a 100% dedicated sales podcast, all give insight into the Enterprise SaaS mindset, and there are many episodes with a sales focus such as episode #55 ‘Freemium or Sales Reps? Here’s Why We Picked Both’ or episode #63 which interviews Emmanuelle Skala, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Digital Ocean, which covers hiring sales reps, building a sales team, and explores why the line between sales and customer success are blurring.

9. The Sales Acceleration Show

This InsideSales podcast series is all about accelerating sales and explores 'the science of selling across the areas of Demand Generation, Sales and Sales Operations'. With almost 100 episodes (at the time of writing), each episode comes with a description of what you'll learn by listening and related assets mentioned.

Episodes of particular interest: The Sales Acceleration Show regularly covers a great range of sales topics, with recent topics covering social selling (Ep.92), account-based sales (Episode 20), selling on LinkedIn (Episode 85) and sales rep lifestyles (Episode 87). Regardless of your priorities, there's sure to be an episode that explores them.

10. The Salesman Podcast

The Salesman Podcast interviews some of the worlds top sales experts and goes the extra mile to help sales professionals go beyond their sales target and thrive. Will Barron has interviewed Olympic athletes, top business leaders and even an astronaut on the show. 

Episodes of particular interest: How To Ask Difficult Business Questions (Without Feeling Bad) With Richard Harris. In this episode Will uncovers why we feel bad about asking hard questions to potential customers and why you need to continue doing it if you are going to serve them effectively.

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Finding the Sales Content to Advance Your Selling Strategies

Being an effective sales professional today means staying ahead of the game and continually learning new skills. These podcasts (and many more) are an easy and convenient way to tap into proven, expert-recommended techniques that may help you through every stage of the selling process.