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4 Video Selling Lessons From a Vidyard Sales Rep

Vidyard BDR Khadijah Plummer explores how to keep your messaging interesting, personalised and effective when including personalised video messages in the sales process?

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Oct 2 2018 - 3min Read Date published: Date modified: 2019-04-03


What video creation tips should your sales team consider when including personalised video messages in the sales process? Vidyard BDR Khadijah Plummer explores how to keep your messaging interesting, personalised and effective.

Video content can be used in a much wider context than on your site or on your social channels. It offers substantial value when incorporated throughout the buyer's journey, and particularly when personalised one to one videos are included within your sales process. Below, Vidyard BDR Khadijah outlines tips to help sales teams see success with personalised video messages.

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4 Video Selling Lessons from a New Sales Rep

Personal video messaging is an emerging phenomenon in sales. Getting in front of the camera can be daunting at first, but you’ll get comfortable with it in no time.

When I first started at Vidyard, I felt weird about just sitting down and shooting videos. I’d be thinking to myself, “Do you even know what you want to say?” or “Other people are trying to work. You’re being disruptive.” Now I just grab my computer, find a seat, and start filming. I’ll whip out all of my videos for the day, so at least 20 videos, in 30 minutes or so. A lot of the time, I get them done in one take.

Here are the top video selling lessons I’ve learned:

1. Practice your messaging before you even sit in front of the camera

I’m not saying to record the same thing for every single prospect, but have a general structure in mind and a value proposition or two can you can lace into your talk track. Even though you’re going to be making a high volume of first touch videos on a weekly basis, it needs to feel like the first time, every time. Your prospects obviously know that they’re not the only person that you’re making a video for, but it needs to feel that way when they press play. If you’re not enthused, they’re not going to care about what you have to say—and they certainly won’t watch your entire video.

2. Do a video blitz (or two or three)

My mentor and I sat down one day and went one for one filming videos. Prior to this, I’d always done my best to film alone. Now, I’m in the habit of making videos in front of other people. Since I’ve got a hold on my messaging, I’m not really nervous about making mistakes. Just remember the intention behind your videos. You’re trying to build a relationship without having to step into a room with someone. Pretend they’re right there and speak to their challenges as a person, not just their position or role within their company.

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3. Dress well and show it off in good lighting

I’m not saying you have to wear a blazer to work every day, but make sure you wear clothing that makes you feel good. You are on camera, and will likely be sending videos to C-level execs. Think about it: Will they watch a video from someone that looks unkempt? Even as someone in an entry-level position, my answer to that is “no.” Make sure you have good lighting to show your outfit and your facial expression. If they can see your face (and your smile) clearly, you’ll immediately be approachable.

4. Stay human

The only time I re-film my videos is when I make a colossal mistake, like saying the wrong company name. If I trip over my words slightly or laugh at something in our office’s public space that I catch happening in the background, I still send the video. It shows that I’m human and not afraid to make mistakes, or more specifically, admit to them. It adds character and builds trust.

Top Trends Disrupting Sales

To find out more about using video within your sales process, on October 10th, Strategic IC will be running a breakfast event with CEO of Vidyard, Michael Litt; outlining the Top Trends Disrupting Sales - from modern digital selling to how marketing and sales teams can drive value through video content. You can find out more here.

Parts of this article were originally published on the Vidyard blog.