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[Webinar] Why You Need A Best-In-Class Account-Based Marketing Programme

Strategic IC and Demandbase present a webinar on why your business needs an Account-Based Marketing Programme and how to plan, implement and measure a campaign.


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Fes Askari

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Sep 4 2017 - 3min Read Date published: Date modified: 2021-01-06


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What value does ABM hold for your organisation? How should you plan, implement and measure an effective programme? Join Strategic IC and Demandbase to find out.

What Value Does Account-Based Marketing Hold For Your Business?

Do you want your marketing to drive more targeted engagement and transform customer relationships? Do you want to then translate this engagement into a collaborative sales strategy that will enable you to accelerate deal velocity and win bigger accounts?

Of course you do - and that’s exactly why account-based marketing (ABM) is experiencing a surge in popularity among many enterprise organisations.

Yet knowing where to begin with ABM can be complex.

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Why You Need A Best-In-Class ABM Programme & How to Build It

ABM offers vast potential to drive engagement, mindshare and relationships with high-value companies and best-fit stakeholders.

However, without a clear strategy, the promised benefits are unlikely to materialise.

Careful planning is required to ensure your ABM programme is built to address the specific needs of your customer, as well as support your organisation’s sales and marketing goals.

In order build an effective ABM program, you need to know:

  • The exact value account-based marketing can bring to your organisation

  • The key steps to planning an ABM programme bespoke to your requirements, implementing & growing it successfully
  • What different models of ABM look like, and how to choose the best fit for your organisation

  • How to balance a one-to-one ABM focus (for the highest value client opportunities), with a cluster setup for reaching a wider set of accounts

  • What role tech platforms can play in ABM, and how to effectively blend technology with ABM expertise

  • Which metrics to measure to monitor ABM effectiveness

  • How to achieve ABM ROI

  • How to align Sales & Marketing for ABM success

As the answers to these points can be complex, Strategic IC are joining forces with Demandbase to bring you first-hand advice and solutions in an upcoming webinar.

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Join Strategic IC & Demandbase & Learn How To Plan, Implement and Measure Effective ABM Campaigns 

Join Strategic and Demandbase on September 13th (3-4pm BST) for our webinar: Why You Need A Best-In-Class ABM Programme & How to Build It.

In this one hour session, we’ll be joined by Demandbase’s Senior Manager of EMEA Field Marketing, Leanne Moir, and will:

  • Discuss the value that ABM can bring to your organisation

  • Explore the key steps (above) required to build, implement and grow a successful, best-in-class ABM programme

  • Detail ABM frameworks you can shape to suit your business and objectives

  • Advise on technologies, measures of success and long-term growth tips

As CMO of Strategic, I’ll be drawing on years of real-life experiences, insight and our own agency inbound to ABM findings to outline how you can achieve the best ABM return.

Sign up now to join me on September 13th - I’m confident you will learn something to your advantage.