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12 Christmas gifts for ABM success in 2023

The year is coming to an end but before we say goodbye to 2022, here are 12 ABM Christmas gifts to get you ready for next year. Enjoy!


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Declan Mulkeen

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Dec 21 2022 - 9min Read Date published: Date modified: 2022-12-21


Christmas is all about giving. So, we asked 12 Account-based Marketing experts to share an ABM Christmas gift, to help you be a better ABMer in 2023!

Cosy up this festive season and see what they had to share...

1. The gift of customer intimacy



Customer intimacy is all about getting under the skin of your customer and understanding what makes them tick. 

Gabrielle Pirzad, Head of ABM for EMEA at Citrix, tells us why it’s important we meet customers and experience a day in their workplace. Try to understand their language, culture, and the tools they use – that way, you can tailor your messaging and make it relevant.

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2. The gift of insights


Here’s some insight into insights! Jack Rawlings, Head of ABM at strategicabm, explores the importance of insights to your campaigns.

Without insights, you won’t understand the challenges and pain points of your accounts, making it more difficult to create content and messaging that resonates. Don’t make assumptions; get everyone on board to build a clear picture of your accounts and lay the foundation for ABM success.

3. The gift of account selection


One-to-few account selection can be a challenge but Christian Weiss, Director of ABM at Autodesk, has some tips to get you started.

Start by breaking down your audience and choosing 5 accounts to focus on. Dive into them, analyse them, and focus on some key outcomes your customer would like to achieve. Then build your content and messaging around this knowledge!

4. The gift of implementation


Amber Bogie, Director of Global Demand Generation at Reachdesk, has some useful insights around implementation.

She highlights the importance of making friends with your data. What does that mean? It means having a strong relationship with your MOps team, obsessing over data, and looking for patterns you can act on.

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5. The gift of empathy


Christmas is all about giving your time and attention to those around you and spreading joy wherever possible. But above all, the thread that runs through the holiday season is empathy.

Fes Askari, Director of Sales and Strategic Accounts at strategicabm, thinks that now is the perfect time to focus on empathy. Take stock of what you're doing in business or your personal life and note whether empathy is at the heart of what you do.


6. The gift of ABM success


Hillary Carpio, Senior Director of Account-based Marketing at Snowflake, has 5 tips this holiday to help you get started on your ABM journey.

It starts by knowing why you’re doing ABM. Understand what problem you’re trying to solve, what success looks like, and whether ABM is the right strategy.

Watch the full video for more steps to ABM success!



7. The gift of the metaverse


The Metaverse – what is it and why is everyone talking about it?

Michael Christodoulou, Creative Director at strategicabm, takes through exactly what the Metaverse could mean for ABM and how to make it part of your next program. Dive in, experiment, and try to understand how new experiences can unlock new avenues for your customers.

8. The gift of expectation management


ABM is a long game. Davis Potter, ABM Marketing Manager for Strategic Accounts at Scale AI, reminds us not to set ourselves up for failure by expecting to see crazy results in one or two months!

Make sure to communicate expectations to stakeholders so they understand that ABM success takes time.


9. The gift of execution at scale


Head of Demand at strategicabm, Xenia Sapanidi, tells us how to make execution happen at scale.

ABM is resource-intensive, but when you start small, find a recipe that works, and use the right technology to help you execute, you can begin to scale. Remember to look for inefficiencies and keep optimizing.

Lets's talk ABM, a webinar series by strategicabm -  Watch the series

10. The gift of sales enablement


We all know how important alignment with Sales is. But what Marketers sometimes forget, is to properly communicate the value of their ABM strategy to Sales.

Marnie Giuranna Zaccaria, Global ABM Lead at Finastra, explains why it’s important not to expect Sales to jump on board without understanding the benefits ABM can bring.

11. The gift of relevancy


Start your ABM program by making sure you understand your ‘why’.

What does that mean? Alex Embling, CEO of strategicabm, explains that it’s all about relevancy. Focusing on why you’re relevant to your accounts or wider audience should serve as a filter throughout your ABM program.

12. The gift of 12 days of ABM


This gift is the gift of song! Head of ABM for Retail, Fashion, Beauty and Consumer at Google Cloud, Désirée Daniels, reworks the classic 12 Days of Christmas with an ABM twist.

Gear up for 2023 with 12 ABM gifts for the price of one!

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This festive season, take time to look back at the successes of the past year. Celebrate every win, big or small, and appreciate that every bump in the road is just another chance for growth.

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