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ABM highlights of 2021

What better way to end 2021 than to ask some of our ABM friends for their ABM highlight of 2021.


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Declan Mulkeen

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Dec 13 2021 - 6min Read Date published: Date modified: 2021-12-13


2021. What a year. And what a year for ABM.

Without a shadow of a doubt, ABM came of age in 2021.

Now I hear some of you saying that Account-based Marketing has been around now for some time - almost 20 years.

And you are absolutely right. (Want to know the origins? Check out this episode of Let’s talk ABM where I speak to the very person who coined the term ABM - Bev Burgess).

But I think that ABM had a stellar year in 2021.

We saw many more companies adopt ABM strategies.

We saw many more B2B Marketers become more proficient in ABM.

We saw many more organizations share success stories of their ABM strategies. 

We personally here at the Agency saw many more B2B organizations commission us to help launch (or refine) their ABM programs. 

What better way to end 2021 than to ask some of our ABM friends and colleagues for their ABM highlight of 2021.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy hearing from some of the world’s leading ABM practitioners and thought leaders.

P.S: Keep checking back in as more and more ABM highlights of 2021 to come. 

Danny Nail | Account-based Engagement | Microsoft

Danny is one of the world’s leading ABM practitioners and thought leaders. His ABM programs at SAP and now Microsoft have won numerous awards and recognition. Here, Danny shares his ABM highlight of 2021. It's all about investing long-term in your most important accounts. Very much what ABM is all about. 


Corrina Owens | Senior ABM Manager | Gong

Corrina is a revenue-first marketer and ABM specialist. She's now part of the Gong ABM team creating compelling and engaging account experiences. Corrina's highlight of 2021 revolves around building communities - something that you should expect to see a lot more of in 2022. 



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Marnie Giuranna Zaccaria | Global ABM Lead | Finastra

Marnie is Global ABM Lead at leading Fintech Finastra, where she has deployed a highly personalized and customized Account-based Marketing strategy for all of Finastra’s strategic accounts. Marnie shares a couple of 2021 highlights that really speak to the power of ABM. 


Amber Bogie | Director of Growth Marketing | Plug Power

Amber is a two-time 'ABMie' winner and one of the most recognized names in ABM. In her new role at Plug Power, one of the leading players in hydrogen and fuel cells, Amber is building a robust digital marketing ecosystem from the ground up - including a demand generation engine (using an ABM lens). Here, Amber shares her highlight of 2021 - something of an 'aha' moment. 



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Fes Askari | Director of Sales & Strategic Accounts | strategicabm

Fes is responsible for all commercial conversations at the Agency and has an acute understanding of the B2B technology market and the challenges facing organizations looking to win, grow, and retain their most important accounts. He also runs the Agency’s successful ABM Lunch & Learn workshops. Here Fes looks back on 2021 and shares his ABM highlights. 


Nick Bennett | Director of Field, Community, and Partner Marketing | Alyce

Nick has fast become one of the most recognized voices in Field Marketing and ABM. Host of Rep Your Brand podcast and co-host of Real ABM, Nick is leading the charge at Alyce to transform the B2B gifting category. Here Nick shares two of his highlights from a whirlwind 2021. 



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Marlowe Fenne | Account-based Marketing Senior Manager | FireEye

Marlowe heads up Account-based Marketing at FireEye, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity companies. Marlowe is considered to be one of the leading ABM practitioners. Here Marlowe shares a very special highlight from a very successful 2021. 


Lucy Jones | Head of Content | strategicabm

Lucy transforms account and industry insight into the creative content that fuels outstanding ABM. Together with the Creative Team here at the Agency, she creates stand-out account experiences that build emotional connections and bring our customers' stories to life. Here Lucy shares her highlight of 2021. 


Tyler Lessard | VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist | Vidyard

Tyler is one of the leading lights in video, content marketing, and creative storytelling. Here Tyler shares a really interesting highlight - it's all about the data. Take a look at the video below to find out more. 


Lets's talk ABM, a webinar series by strategicabm -  Watch the series


Richa Pande | Global Head, Account-based Marketing Campaigns | HP

Richa's approach to ABM is to take a 'customer-backward approach' - employing data-driven insights, high octane content, and highly effective, A/B tested campaigns to break through status quo customer scenarios and address pain points. Check out this video for her ABM highlight of 2021. 


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