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ABM predictions for 2022

What better way to start 2022 than to ask some of our ABM friends for their ABM predictions for 2022.


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Declan Mulkeen

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Jan 17 2022 - 6min Read Date published: Date modified: 2022-03-14


2021 - now that went quickly! We're already into 2022 and what a year it is going to be for Account-based Marketing. 

It's been a whirlwind last few years with so many organizations adopting ABM and so many new technologies and innovations coming to market to support an Account-based strategy. 

But what does 2022 hold for Account-based Marketing? 

What can we expect to see new in the ABM world in 2022?

What better way to start 2022 than to ask some of our ABM friends and colleagues for their ABM predictions for 2022.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy hearing from some of the world’s leading ABM practitioners and thought leaders.

Danny Nail | Director, Global ABM COE Leader | Salesforce

Danny is one of the world’s leading ABM practitioners and thought leaders. His ABM programs at SAP and Microsoft have won numerous awards and recognition. His new role sees him heading up Salesforce's Global ABM Center of Excellence. Here, Danny shares his ABM prediction for 2022. 

Corrina Owens | Senior ABM Manager | Gong

Corrina forms part of the formidable ABM team at Gong, where she is building high-impact and engaging Account-based Marketing programs. Corrina's ABM prediction for 2022 is all about a move to a greater focus on customer centricity, hyper account attention, and personalization. Check out the video to learn more. 


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Marnie Giuranna Zaccaria | Global ABM Lead | Finastra

2021 saw Marnie's ABM program excel at global Fintech, Finastra. 2022 will see Marnie adding more resources and people to continue to build out her ABM strategy. Marnie's 2022 ABM prediction is all about buying intent signals. 


Sangram Vajre | Chief Evangelist & Co-founder | Terminus

Who better to ask what their ABM prediction for 2022 is than Sangram. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sangram for one of my first episodes of my Let's talk ABM podcast and have been a fan ever since. Here, Sangram shares not one but three ABM predictions for 2022. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy! 

Amber Bogie | Director of Growth Marketing | Plug Power

Amber, a two-time 'ABMie' winner and one of the most recognized names in ABM, is always in the vanguard of ABM thinking. In her new role at Plug Power, one of the leading players in hydrogen and fuel cells, Amber is building a robust digital marketing ecosystem from the ground up. Here she shares her ABM prediction for 2022 - what's in a name, Amber? 



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Florence predicts that ABM strategies in 2022 will need to build in contingencies and flexibility. The last two years have shown that 'full-scale' Marketing and ABM plans have had to be rewritten again and again. She predicts a similar situation for 2022 where you will need to keep 'taking the temperature' of the market and reviewing your go-to-market strategy. 


Fes Askari | Director of Sales & Strategic Accounts | strategicabm

Fes has had the unique experience of speaking to 200+ ABMers and B2B Marketers over the course of the last twelve months as part of our ABM Lunch & Learn workshop experience. Here he shares this insight and his ABM prediction for 2022. 

Nick Bennett | Director of Field, Community, and Partner Marketing | Alyce

Nick regales us with two ABM predictions for 2022. One is focused on community - a big theme in 2021 that will only become more important in 2022. While the second one is all about personal branding. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year Nick! 



Marlowe Fenne | Global ABM Lead | Trellix

Marlowe had an amazing end to 2021 after scooping the ITSMA Gold Award for 'Optimizing ABM Campaigns'. Marlowe's ABM prediction for 2022 is all about agility and personalization. Check out the video below to learn more about his 2022 predictions. 

Lucy Jones | Head of Content | strategicabm

Creating compelling and engaging account experiences play a pivotal part of any ABM strategy. Cutting through that digital noise and engaging on a very personal level with your audience is what sets a great ABM strategy apart. Here Lucy shares her insight on where she sees content and account experience heading in 2022.  

Tyler Lessard | VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist | Vidyard

Tyler is video! Here Tyler shares some insight into the Vidyard ABM strategy for 2022 and what they expect to achieve. Thank you, Tyler! Exciting times indeed for Vidyard! 


Lets's talk ABM, a webinar series by strategicabm -  Watch the series


Richa Pande | Global Head, ABM Campaigns | HP

Richa shares one of my favorite ABM predictions for 2022. I'm a great believer in subject matter experts having their voice (and sharing it). Here, Richa talks about why it is so important and what she sees happening in 2022.


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