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Accelerate SaaS Growth by Activating Buyer-Intent Data for ABM: Join Strategic ABM at SaaStr Europa 2019

Created to enable SaaS technology leaders to unlock growth, Strategic ABM are attending SaaStr Europa 2019 between 12-13th June, to showcase our new Buyer-Intent Data Service for Account-Based Marketing.


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Declan Mulkeen

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Jun 5 2019 - 4min Read Date published: Date modified: 2020-12-23


Created to help SaaS VCs, CEOs, sales and marketing leaders understand how applying buyer intent data to their ABM strategy can accelerate their growth projections, Strategic ABM will be attending SaaStr Europa 2019 12-13 June, to showcase our new Buyer-Intent Data Service for Account-Based Marketing.

The B2B Enterprise Technology Marketing & Sales Challenge

With more than 12,000 SaaS solutions launched in the last 20 years, the market for FinTech, HRTech, MarTech, EdTech, etc. has never been more competitive or unforgiving. Standing out (and being heard and found) in this crowded marketplace is now the number one priority for SaaS leaders.

SaaS enterprise sales are typically characterised by long sales cycles, multiple decision makers and complex buyer journeys. Reaching the right buyers, at the right time and with the right message in a market that is saturated with a profusion of SaaS brands provides untold challenges for sales and marketing leaders.

So how can you cut through this noise and reach those SaaS buyers (estimated to be less than 5% of your target audience) who are in an active buying journey? The answer is B2B intent data.

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How Intent Data Can Transform SaaS Growth

Intent data shows which accounts - both your target accounts as well as “untapped” accounts are actively conducting research online in areas of interest to you and your SaaS brand, shining a light on where they are in their buyer journey - be it early, mid or late-stage.

This unique insight provides invaluable intelligence and a strong indicator to your sales and marketing teams as to which accounts (cross-referenced against your good-fit criteria) are in an active buying mode for your technology, allowing you to engage, influence and, ultimately, convert quicker.

“With Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) playing such an important role in predicting SaaS success, building a strong lead pipeline of accounts that are actively in-market for your services is key.” - Fes Askari, Strategic ABM Director of Sales & Strategic Accounts.

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Reach Those Accounts Actively In-Market For Your Services With SaaS Buyer Intent Data for ABM

Now, by leveraging buyer-intent data, SaaS companies targeting B2B enterprise sales can quickly identify and engage target accounts actively in-market for their products and services, thus accelerating lead generation and revenue growth.

With Strategic ABM’s Buyer-Intent Data for ABM service, SaaS sales and marketing teams gain a unique growth solution designed to:

  • Enhance your ABM strategy to identify your total addressable market - not just the enterprise accounts you are targeting
  • Obtain a live view of B2B enterprises which have been actively researching a technology purchase in the last 30 days

  • Develop keyword strategies to uncover early, mid and late-stage buyers

  • Launch multichannel marketing campaigns into accounts with a higher propensity to purchase 

  • Deploy targeted campaigns to individual buyer devices via programmatic advertising 

  • Provide sales teams with unique insight into which accounts to target that are actively searching for your products and services

  • Focus sales and marketing investment for maximum ROI

With Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) playing such an important role in predicting SaaS success, building a strong lead pipeline of accounts that are actively in-market for your services is key.

With this in mind, at Strategic ABM, we are thrilled to introduce our new SaaS Buyer Intent Data for ABM service for the SaaS community, designed to enhance our Inbound and Account-Based Marketing offering. 

In strategic partnership with Cyance, predictive marketing technology pioneers, we will be showcasing how intent data can dramatically turbocharge your Account-Based Marketing strategy and drive growth. 

Our SaaS Buyer Intent-Data for ABM service is a robust suite of technology and consultancy services that enables SaaS organisations to identify, monitor and engage enterprise accounts that are actively in-market for your products and services.

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Join Us at SaaStr Europa 2019

We will be showcasing our new SaaS Buyer-Intent Data for ABM suite of services at SaaStr Europa 2019, Europe’s largest SaaS event bringing together more than 2,500 executives, founders, and VCs.

SaaStr Europa is a jam-packed, two-day event taking place the 12-13 June 2019 at Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs dedicated to sharing the best learnings and practices around building and scaling SaaS businesses. More than 2,500 SaaS executives, founders, and VCs from around the world will come together for two full days of content sessions at SaaStr Europa 2019.

Book A Braindate With Us Now

At SaaStr Europa, we’ll also be hosting a number of Braindate sessions. You can sign up to one of our individual or small group mentoring sessions to learn more about how you can harness intent data and ABM to identify accounts actively in-market for your enterprise technology:

  • [SaaS Growth Masterclass]: Turbocharge Your Business With Account-Based Marketing - 12/6/2019 12.00-12.45 - Sign up here
  • [ABM Workshop] How to Identify Accounts In-Market for Enterprise Technology - 12/6/19 12.00-12.45 - Sign up here
  • [Masterclass] How Buyer-Intent Data Uncovers B2B Accounts Most Likely To Buy Your Solution - 13/6/2019 12.30-13.15. - Sign up here
  • B2B Technology Marketing Strategy - 12-13/6/2019 (1:1 bookings) - Sign up here
  • SaaS focused on Enterprise Sales? How Behaviour-Based Marketing Accelerates Lead Generation 12-13/6/2019 (1:1 bookings) - Sign up here

  • How B2B SaaS Companies Can Turbocharge their Growth by Harnessing Buyer Intent Data and ABM 12-13/6/2019 (1:1 bookings) - Sign up here

Alternatively, pop by our stand at SaaStr Europa 2019 (Stand No. 13) and let’s have a chat.